Thursday, 24 January 2013

My final thoughts

    This semester has gone by so fast, with all the bumps in the road and the chase for finishing my last assignments it is all finally done. I have not once regretted filling my spare with this course, it’s been a blast! My favorite project was The Buried by far. Putting together the project in the form of animoto was lots of fun, I had to take my thing own pictures which added lots of creativity. The MTV show was a part of class I always looked forward to. Seeing all the crazy things that those guys did made me what to be crazy and do life changing things. My favorite episode was when one of the guys tried to get a girl to marry him in Los Vegas…. And the fact that the girl actually did it made me want to do something out of the ordinary as well. My least favorite assignment was definitely the newspaper blackout.  None of the poems that I did were great. I had a lot of problems trying to figure out what I was going to scribble out or even try and write about. I believe that the idea was there I just needed a stronger push and more ambition. With every Friday comes a reading class and with every reading class come relaxation. Personally I loved the reading classes because that way I will be able to fit in reading every week. The selection of book you have is unreal. You’re the teacher who made me want to read in grade nine, you’re the reason why I walk past a book and I have to pick it up to read the back and give it a chance. So I thank you for those Friday reading classes and all those amazing book you lend out to just about anyone. The Monday reading reflection wasn’t always so bad it made me think about what I had just read and have someone to tell about it all. Some Mondays I have been really lazy , that’s why I get backed up on my responses. With every book I read their questions running through my head and comments. It’s nice to have someone who will take the time out of there day to hear what their students have to say. I favored the blog more than the twitter. My reasons behind this is because I’m addicted to another blogging site called tumbler , so by taking this class I learned that Google has the better format of a blog but tumbler has a better feed. The personal additions were important near the end because that’s when I because a lot more in touch with my blog. At first I thought it was a drag  to post everything I had done and type it all , it just seemed like a lot of work .As I said the Google blog did grow on me. Now as for the twitter, I was not so much of a fan. However I do like it better for the reading response, it a louse me to sum up what I have to say about my book without rambling on about what I had already read. Over all your course was a awesome experience for my last year of high school.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Book: Go Ask Alice

Pages: book complete

Author: anonymous



 “This will be a good trip. Come on, relax, enjoy it.” After Alice is secretly drugged at a party, she awakens to the exciting amazing adventure that life had planned out for her. She starts experimenting with other hard drugs and begins to lose her sanity and grip on reality. I would recommend this book to teens and adults. I think we should be forced to read it in high schools. Since this is about a teen struggling with addiction and the social pressures of the drug world, it is a real eye opener to anyone. This book will show them not to make the same mistakes as she once did, or maybe some may be able to relate so they know that they are not alone. This book has always been a favorite ! I could read it over and over again. Go ask Alice is the type of book that it extremely hard to pull away from your face. Threw out the story I always ask myself How could she let her addiction get this far? Or even why does she keep hurting her body after all she has been threw? But as you keep reading the story pulls you in more and more. Alice is living the mistakes that we don’t want to make. Over all this wasn’t really a reading response , but I believe that everybody should give this book a chance.

WR#8 (NBO)

  Newspaper Black out was not anywhere near good for me. There were plenty fall outs in all my poems, gaps that needed to be filled. I’m pretty sure when they were read that there was guarantee confusion. I believe that I had these struggles because I could not grasp the understandings of it all. Sliding by on each poem hoping that it made sense to someone other than me. The thoughts running threw my head last minute before we posted them all were embarrassed and ashamed of my work. I can’t blame it on anyone but myself, I had no motivation for this project to begin with.  I guess what I wanted was to write my own poems, something that I knew I would be good at . None the less I could have tried harder and I’m sorry that little effort was put in.  I will admit this was a great and cool idea. Some of the other student’s pomes were great I really enjoyed reading them and putting together the trail they leave. That would be another reason why this project was a good learning experience. It was different for all other projects, unique. It made me want to read them just to see if I could follow them and piece it all together. Looking back I would change the newspaper I got and how my train of thought was going .

Twitter fiction


   During writing my twitter fiction I was having some struggles with coming up with a good story line . Personally this project was not my strongest assessment. Reading other tweets made me realize that I just over thought everything. My strongest point was defiantly was probably my full story line (which was not appropriate to tweet) . Personally I should have done a completely different story , but I was stuck so I chose to write an erotic story line .I really enjoyed reading other students tweets , some were about love, fighting and living. My favorite tweets were most likely Claire’s. Her form of writing is just like the type off book I enjoy reading on a daily basis. Claire’s story line was consistently good and she showed her strengths in this project. The reading class on Thursday was extremely different for me.  Reading twitter... Okay sure why not! Reading something so simple is perfectly fine with me, especially because it’s broken down in to sections of 140 characteristics. I didn’t have really any other free time to read other competitors that I didn’t know, that’s something I would like to go back and do. Before this project I did already have a account ,but nowhere near the same as my one for school. To be honest this has changed my perspective about twitter and how it can be used in other way. Over all this  “Twitter Fiction” was not really an outstanding assignment  for me .


Twitter Fiction Checkup


  I’m having some troubles with my twitter fiction. I have spent some crazy nights just brainstorming trying to think about what I have to say in my story and how it should all pan out. So after many stressful hours I am half way complete.  I have now gone over 51 tweets and there are still more to come. The story I chose to tell is about a man and a women falling in love. Most people might think it sounds cliché, but with my story it get hearted and intense. The only bad thing is that I will not be able to post it all. My reasoning for this is that my whole story is appropriate for school. In the end I know my story will be worth reading even with some of the gaps it has. I chose to write about love because I thought it would be easy. During writing my tweets I had thought to myself, how am I going to make people want to read it? SEX ..That was the answer. For some reason that makes everyone want to read more . 50 shades of gray , now that was a women pleaser apparently . So far I have not included the “he said she said” part. As for my images I’m not too worried. Personally I would like to take my own pictures because that is something I truly enjoy. It would also show that I am putting personal time and effort in to my project. If I could go back and change anything I would make it and old fashion love story, but with the fuel of my own story. Over all my story needs a little looking over and it should all be fixed.  
Winter love .